Almost all 2021 new Audi models now feature the Integrated Toll Module® (ITM®) feature. This feature connects to toll booth infrastructure to allow drivers to pay tolls without stopping. The ITM® comes manufactured by Gentex, which makes the auto-dimming/HomeLink® rearview mirrors. The ITM® made its debut in 2019, and shoppers can find it on most 2021 new Audi models at Audi Eatontown. Schedule a test drive to learn more about this and the other technologies each new Audi has to offer.

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technology

The VTM® represents one of many vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies Audi wants to include in all their new cars. V21 technology began with the advent of the Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) feature. The idea behind V2I is to connect all cars to the signs and features used by municipal authorities. As you cruise on the highways, the TSR feature updates you with speed changes, upcoming stop signs, and more. Using your own account, the ITM connects you with upcoming toll booths, eliminating the need for frequent stopping. Activate it to learn about toll charges and to apply charges from your own account. The ITM features will even work with toll applications like EZ Pass.

Audi has high hopes for this type of technology. Ideally, we may see ITM technology used on the road for fast food or coffee shop payments. Audi hopes that V2I technology becomes more commonplace. V2I will cars to connect seamlessly to the road and each other.

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